Location, location, location

I have debated where on the lot I should put the new house. Although I would eventually like to have both of the old trailers recycled, I can only afford to get rid of the blue trailer this year.

So the new house will go in the center of the lot (between the two existing trailers) and 10′ off the back wall. This leaves plenty of room for a deck behind the house but no grass to cut. This also maximizes curb appeal and maintains the incredible sunrise views.

I am undecided about what kind or how much of a front porch I want or need. Ideally I would like just enough room for two rockers and a coffee table for watching the sunrise. Let me know what you think.

The two pegs just left of center represent the location of the front door (see the inset image). I love using pic-collage to merge images so I can better visualize the final product.

So here’s the plan

I need to get into something warm, dry and functional before winter. I’ll start with a 14′ x 28′ shell – similar to this one – and build it out the way I want it.

I chose a building from Pineview because:

  • Quality construction
  • True 8′ walls
  • Walls and floor are 16″ on center
  • Walls are true 2″ x 4″
  • Floors are tongue and groove
  • 5 year warranty
  • Rent to own with a down payment and terms I can afford
  • Able to replace barn style door with 9 Lite steel door
  • Able to place the door where I wanted it
  • 3-4 week delivery window
  • LP building components used throughout

The floor plan

Trying to squeeze everything into 392 sq. ft. without feeling cramped took considerable time and really good modeling software. I prefer 3D Home Design for the iPad.

There were a few must haves for me:

  • A bathroom, with a full-size bath tub, that doesn’t open into the kitchen
  • A futon with room to unfold without rearranging the entire house
  • A fireplace that could be enjoyed from anywhere in the house
  • Space for an ‘office’ that didn’t require me to put everything away
  • An open, efficient kitchen
  • A washing machine (I hang clothes on the line outside)
  • Space for my solar batteries, charge controller, inverter, and distribution center

With much patience and a little creativity I was able to fit everything in…

The journey begins…

In October of 2017, I purchased a lot in Hilltop, WV. The lot has awesome southern exposure and is a manageable size for me; just a bit more than 1 acre.

This Google satellite image is a little dated. The building shown in the center was torn down before I purchased the lot. Otherwise, this pretty much sums up how the property is situated.