Location, location, location

I have debated where on the lot I should put the new house. Although I would eventually like to have both of the old trailers recycled, I can only afford to get rid of the blue trailer this year.

So the new house will go in the center of the lot (between the two existing trailers) and 10′ off the back wall. This leaves plenty of room for a deck behind the house but no grass to cut. This also maximizes curb appeal and maintains the incredible sunrise views.

I am undecided about what kind or how much of a front porch I want or need. Ideally I would like just enough room for two rockers and a coffee table for watching the sunrise. Let me know what you think.

The two pegs just left of center represent the location of the front door (see the inset image). I love using pic-collage to merge images so I can better visualize the final product.

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